The Rotary Bike Ride At Your Own Pace

Rotary Club of Westbourne

Charity No 1111184

The Virtual Bike Ride where you decide where and when to ride!

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What is the Rotary Ride At Your Own Pace.

It is a virtual bike ride challenge. You select the distance you want to ride over the duration of one calendar month, and you complete it anywhere in the UK or the world, at your own pace and over as many days as you wish within the month.

There are no set times, you choose the distance for each ride, some can be short while others can be longer according to the time you have. You complete your month's challenge when you want!

What is the purpose of the Rotary Ride at your own Pace?

There are many reasons why you may do the Rotary Ride at your Own Pace. You may do it to give you a challenge to complete in one month. You may wish to do this to get fit, or as training for a Sportive event such as the Rotary Dorset Bike Ride on 9th September, or you may do it to raise sponsorship for Cancer Research UK or your own charity.

What do I get if I complete the challenge?

You will get a great medal with your name, the month and distance of your challenge engraved on the back. You will also get a Cancer Research UK certificate and thank you from Cancer Research UK.

What type of bike can I use?

You can ride on any type of bike  including a road bike, mountain bike, 3 wheeler or exercise bike.

Can I ride off road?

You can complete your challenge on the roads or off road the choice is yours. You can also use a exercise bike.

Can children take part with me?

Yes, children can take part, but obviously their parents must give them permission and depending upon their age, an adult should ride with them. Our shortest distance is just 10 miles so they could ride just 2.5 miles per week to achieve this challenge.

How much is it and how do I pay?

For adults it is £12 and for children under 16 it is £7.

You pay when you enter online using PayPal with either your PayPal account or if you do not have one you can pay by credit and debit card using PayPal.

For oversea riders there is an extra £5.00 charge to cover the extra cost of postage.

I live overseas, am I still able to register?

Yes you can take part wherever you live. For overseas riders there is an extra £5.00 charge to cover the extra cost of postage.

Can I change my challenge once entered?

Yes you can increase your challenge or decrease it. When you provide the Proof of your challenge using the form we will send you a link for, you can select the nearest challenge you have managed to complete. So if you enter for the 100 miles, but you were only able to complete 60 miles select this 50 miles challenge

What do I do when I have completed my challenge?

Near the end of the month we email you with a link to provide the proof that you have completed your challenge. Enter your details including the challenge you completed. If you did not complete what you had hoped to then choose the lowest one to what you managed so we can engrave your medal with what you achieved. So if you hoped to do 100 miles but only managed 60 miles, select the 50 Mile challenge.

You will need to submit some evidence and then press 'submit', and we will send you your engraved medal within 10 days of the end of the month.

How do I prove the miles ridden?

Near the end of the month, we will email you with a link to a form where you can upload your evidence (spreadsheet, image) or enter your details of the dates and miles ridden on each day

What proof do you need?

The proof can be from a phone app, a spreadsheet, or simply enter the miles you've ridden.