The Rotary Bike Ride At Your Own Pace

Rotary Club of Westbourne

Charity No 1111184

The Virtual Bike Ride where you decide where and when to ride!

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Create your own Virtual Bike Ride Challenge


The Rotary Bike “Ride At Your Own Pace” is a Virtual Bike Ride where you select how many miles you are going to ride in one month, when to ride and where to ride. All profits go to Cancer Research UK.

(Looking for a great actual Sportive ride see the Rotary Dorset Bike Ride on September 9th 2018”)

Details of the virtual bike ride:

Event: Cycle event on road, off road or exercise bike

Cost of entry: £12 for adults, £7 for children

When: Monthly challenges each month. Enter a Challenge now

Where: Anywhere in the world

Start/end time: You start your rides at any time in the month and finish by the end of the calendar month.

Routes: You decide the routes and the distance of each route.

Distances: 7 Challenges - 400 miles, 300 miles, 200 miles, 100 miles, 50 miles 25 miles and 10 miles. You do not have to do your challenge in one go, you can spread your challenge over a number of outings.

Proof of your ride: Once you have completed your challenge you will need to provide proof click here

Your Rewards: Motivation, satisfaction plus your Medal (see sample below) engraved with your name and challenge plus a certificate.

In aid of: Cancer Research UK

Sponsorship: Not mandatory but we hope many will try. Download a sponsorship here

Self timing: You can keep a note of the total time you have taken and compare with others on our website

We understand that you may wish to have a bike challenge that you ride in your own time, wherever you are and at your own pace. The Rotary Ride At Your Own Pace allows you to do just that. It is a virtual Bike ride challenge to encourage everybody to get out on your bike  each month and complete a challenge according to their own ability, whether it is 10 miles or 400 miles in the month.

You may need a bike ride challenge:-

Whatever your reason, The Rotary “Ride at Your Own Pace” is the virtual Bike Ride for you!

You can choose to carry out your Virtual Bike Ride challenge in the month you select.  You can select to ride a total distance in the month from 10 to 400 miles. You can complete your challenge in one go or spread it over as many days/rides as you like.

Enter the challenge that meets your aim and then get going. You need to complete the challenge by the end of the month you select when entering. Once you have completed your challenge you need to let us know and provide some evidence and after the month is over we will send you your shiny engraved medal and certificate.

Click here to enter now

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Organised by the Rotary Club of Westbourne.

Charity No. 1111184