The Rotary Bike Ride At Your Own Pace

Rotary Club of Westbourne

Charity No 1111184

The Virtual Bike Ride where you decide where and when to ride!

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You need to provide proof that you have completed your challenge. It's easy, you can record the distances you do each day to prove your total miles.

We will send you an email towards the end of the month with a link to the form to complete and to download your proof.

You can use a Garmin, phone app  such as Strava or use a website such as or Google maps to calculate your mileage for each ride.

You can send us a list of the days and miles you have ridden in the month or a photo or screenshot from an App of the overall miles for the month. If you complete some or all of your miles on an exercise bike , you  can make a note of the miles you have completed.

If you have a major problem providing your detailed evidence, do not panic, just send us what details you have as we do not expect you to say you have completed your challenge when you have not, as you will only be fooling yourself!

Your medal will be sent out within 10 working days of the end of the month of your challenge.